Real Time Data Visuals and Maps

Map Visualisation Using Geo Charting

We’re always looking for ways to add value to what we do and go above and beyond the standard way of just spitting out numbers from A to B. You may have noticed that we already create lots of representations relative to fuel costs and driving times for example, the radius around an area, places, geo location tools that detect where you are and enable for the calculation of a distance to a place, nearest beaches, train stations, places of interest as well as maps and directions.

We haven’t done much with ‘the now’ so decided to try and come up with something to change that. After a little thought and a change or two in the architecture of the site we now incorporate the way in which users use our site to create real time functional representations of the actions of site visitors.


You can see an example of this in action here whereby you’ll see data relative to how many times a page has been viewed in any given day with various plots of the map. We think it’s a great little visual addition that gives a little extra depth to the visitor experience.

We basically track (anonymised data) every page view made by a human visitor and update the stats in real time.

Over time, we hope to be able to show some really cool patterns relative to how people use the tools provided!

Watch this space!

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